Dividends Archive

YearInterim (paid)(Cent)Final (paid)(Cent)Total (Cent)
2007*-10.0 (Apr 08)¹10.0
2006*1.092 (Oct 06)¹-1.092
2005*0.992 (Nov 05)¹1.920 (May 06)¹2.912
2004*0.863 (Nov 04)¹1.725 (May 05)¹2.588
2003*0.75 (Nov 03)¹1.50 (May 04)¹2.25
*The Company implemented a 10-for-1 share split on 9 June 2014 and the historical information is reflected on a split-adjusted basis.

1. These have been paid as a premium on the redemption of redeemable shares. For further information on redemption, see ICG Unit
2. These have been paid as a dividend and are subject to Irish dividend withholding taxes.