Container & Terminal

The Container & Terminal Division principal activities include LoLo shipping activities under the Eucon brand and the operation of two container terminals, Dublin Ferryport Terminals (DFT) and Belfast Container Terminal (BCT), within the two main ports on the island of Ireland.

The image below shows the geographical coverage of the container and terminal division.

Eucon is the market leader in the sector, operating a fleet of chartered container vessels ranging in size from 750 – 1,000 teu capacity, connecting the Irish ports of Dublin, Cork and Belfast with the Continental ports of Rotterdam and Antwerp. Eucon deploys 3,800 owned and leased containers (equivalent to 7,400 teu) of varying types thereby offering a full range of services from palletised, project and temperature controlled cargo to Irish and European importers and exporters. For more information, visit our website.

Dublin Ferryport Terminals (DFT) is part of the container and terminal division of Irish Continental Group.

The port of Dublin, located on the Irish east coast, is the main port of the Republic of Ireland. Located in the heart of Dublin City, at the hub of the national road and rail network Dublin Port is a key strategic access point for Ireland and in particular the Dublin area.

In 2018 two electrically operated rubber tyred gantries were commissioned to allow for remote operation, incorporating latest technologies.


Terminal details

  • Largest container terminal in Ireland
  • Motorway connected
  • 150 year lease in Dublin from 1972
  • 3 Gantry Cranes and 10 Rubber Tyre Gantries (RTG's)
  • Design capacity of 220,000 lifts
  • Annual throughput of 182,500 lifts in 2018

Belfast Container Terminal (BCT) is part of the container and terminal division of Irish Continental Group.

The Port of Belfast is Northern Ireland’s principal maritime gateway, serving the Northern Ireland economy and increasingly that of the Republic of Ireland. About 60% of Northern Ireland’s seaborne trade and 20% of the entire island’s is handled by the Port which receives over 6,000 vessels each year.

BCT was successfully selected by Belfast Harbour Commissioners to operate the concession for combine LoLo services at Belfast Port. The Company with effect from September 2015 operates the Victoria Terminal 3 facility and provides LoLo services to all customers and Lines accessing Belfast Port.


Terminal details

  • Largest container terminal in Northern Ireland
  • Motorway connected
  • Concession from Belfast Harbour Commissioners (BHC) for 5 years from June 2015 (option with BHC to extend)
  • 3 Gantry Cranes, 3 Rail Mounted Gantries, 3 Straddle Carriers
  • Design capacity of VT3 145,000 lifts
  • 127,500 lifts in 2018